The Problem

Each year, about one third of all food production world-wide gets lost or wasted, amounting to 1.3 billion tonnes. Meanwhile, one in nine people suffer from hunger, and 155 million children under five are stunted.

Our Solution-Clear Plate®
an innovative tool to reduce food waste. Save food, get rewards and make a difference. It's as simple as that!
Turn the food you saved to charity meals
For every 500 points donated by the user, the cooperative organization will donate 1 RMB to charity project.
Our Mission
We believe that every person has a part to play in reducing food waste and looking after the planet. The time is now, and the answer is simple: Clear Your Plate.
Our mission is to inspire and empower everyone to take actions against food waste. According to UN, if we carry out Clear Plate action 10 million times per day, then every year we will save 910,000 tons of carbon emissions and 250,000 tons of food.
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